Pergola and Pallet Garden


We laid down mulch under the pergola to help even it out and to cut down on the weeds. This will be a temporary thing until we can either lay stone or build a deck, that is way down the road though. It looks great, and really made the area looked finished.

I also finished staining the picnic table sage green, so it looks more finished. I can’t believe how great the stain works, I wish I would have used that a long time ago on different projects.

BJ’s (sorta like Sam’s club) had a great deal on hanging baskets, I got 2 large geraniums to hang. I needed something hardy, and something that could handle a lot of sun.

The most exciting thing was to make homemade tiki torches with wine bottles. I just hung 2 for right now, but I might add more in the future. I will post a separate blog on that process.

We ate dinner last night outside, in the pergola and it was lovely. I am so glad we are actually getting to enjoy it this year.

Pallet Garden:

So I know you all have been wondering how the pallet garden is doing. It is growing quite well. The sections are staying moist, and the lettuce, spinach, and parsley seem to enjoy their spot. I will continue to update the progress.


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